Appetizer and hors d’oeuvre parties are a great option when your guests will be dropping by during an open time frame.  Whether you are planning an “Open House” at your office or a “Cocktail Party” in your home, we are here to help design the perfect menu for your occasion.

Determining your menu will depend greatly on the level of service you prefer and overall atmosphere you wish to create.  Other factors include the location of the party, kitchen and staging areas available, and the time of day you prefer.

In some cases, a Delivery With Service might be all you need.  Perhaps a “limited service” party, with just a bartender and a chef is all that is required.  Or perhaps a buffet with passed hors d’ oeuvres would be the perfect combination.  If space allows, you might want to consider “chef attended action stations” – with dishes prepared and served on short plates to really wow your guests!

Your Personal Cloud Nine Representative is an expert in designing the perfect menu for your reception – one that will delight your guests, provide the perfect level of service, and fit into your budget.

Following are several new menu options  for your consideration.  Keep in mind, we are in no way limited to these menus – we are limited only by our imaginations, which is to say there is no limit to what we can do!  As a rule of thumb, we recommend a selection of 5 – 9 total items for your party.  If you would like to consider some fun, interactive Chef Attended Stations, we have also provided several of these options for your review.

Costs are determined by time of service, number of guests attending, and food quantities we need to provide to satisfy your guests (are we talking Rugby Players or Ballerina’s?)    As always, your Personal Cloud Nine Representative will be happy to assist you!

Want Some Menu Ideas?

View some appetizer menu options to get started.